Merton Bradford Gurney circa 1968.

 His grand children Jon and Jennifer Darling circa 1976.

     In 1870,  Jonathan Reed Gurney established Gurney's Saw Mill off of Chace Road in East Freetown, MA.  It had remained in operation continuously through four generations of Gurney's.  Purchased from Merton Bradford Gurney in 1993, we are 6th generation family owned and operated sawmill, owned by Paul and Sharlene Darling, their son Jon Darling and daughter Jennifer Darling Durant. 

     Gurney's Saw Mill has survived for over 150 years because of the loyalty of our customers and the hard work and dedication of our employees.  We also have a solid reputation with local landowners for proper land management. We take care to not only produce timber, but also protect the long-term aesthetic and wildlife values of private woodlands.